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Design Thinking

Design thinking convergence and divergenceI never knew there was even such a thing as “Design Thinking” until a few years ago, when I ran into this article: Design Thinking: Your Next Competitive Advantage. It turns out it originated in the late 50’s.

I was super excited when I discovered it! I had been practicing it for years without knowing it in my previous business as CEO. First developing very specific, custom-built Internet / Intranet / Extranet solutions for businesses for over 10 years. Later on as an Addons software publisher for the PrestaShop e-commerce platform.

For a full year after selling my business, I had been trying to express what it is that I really do. Design, technology, business, human behavior, psychology… Design Thinking summed it up: All of them in One.

Here is what Design Thinking can do for YOUR business and project

  • It can help you “get it right” faster: Making sure you are solving the right problem from the right angle
  • It empowers your entire team, promotes group work, empathy and creative problem solving
  • Your customers will have a better experience. Design Thinking is 100% user centric and humanizing
  • Long story short: you deliver a better product, faster, and your team is happier and more committed

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